You can find candidates in Breezy in a few different ways. Let’s start with the search box in the left sidebar and filters in the Candidates list.

How to search for candidates

To use the search box in the left sidebar, just start typing!

Try searching for​ the candidate's first name, last name, or other information in their profile. Breezy scans every candidate and shows a list of results.

Searching for a candidate with the search box

Searchable fields

Breezy will return search results for info found just about anywhere in a candidate’s profile, including:

  • First and Last names

  • Tags

  • Email Addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Nicknames

  • Job titles

  • Companies

  • Education

  • Experience Summary

Search Modifiers

You can use standard search modifiers to narrow results from the search box:

  • AND to get results that meet multiple requirements

  • OR to get results that meet at least one requirement

  • "quotes" to get results with an exact text match

Let's say you remember a great candidate named Matt, and that he was an Android developer. You wouldn't want to scan every Matt in your database, so you could use the search modifier AND to search 'Matt AND android.' Breezy will return only candidates with both 'Matt' and 'android' in their profile.

💡 Tip: Find folks faster with tags!

Combine the search box with Tagging for a powerful, fast way to search your entire candidate database.

How to filter candidates

You can filter candidates from the Candidates view of a specific position, or from the global Candidates link in the left sidebar.

Filter options in the Candidates view

To filter candidates:

  1. Click Candidates in the left sidebar or open the Candidates view of any position.

  2. If needed, click the filter icon (funnel) near the top-left corner of the window to display Filtering Options.

  3. Enter criteria in the Filter by text box, if you’d like to include specific text.

  4. Under Filtering Options, click the checkboxes next to the criteria you’d like to use and select options.

  5. Click Apply Filter.

How to save filter views

Just above the search filter options, you'll see a dropdown menu that includes some predefined filter views to make your search a little faster.

We call these saved filters “segments”. You can save the filters you use often and create new, custom segments.

To create a new segment:

  1. Apply a filter with your custom criteria.

  2. Click the save icon (disk) at the bottom of the filter options.

  3. Enter a name for the segment and click Save.

Saving filter options as a segment

Learn more about saving and using filters and segments.

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