If you’ve enabled disposition tracking in your company settings, you can view and export disposition data at the company and position levels.

Real-time analytics and reporting are available to customers on all paid plans.

Admin permission is required to access company-level reporting.

Hiring Manager permission is required to access position-level reporting.

Disposition Volume History

The Disposition Volume History section shows a timeline of activity for each disposition code you’ve created in your company settings, to show trends and volume over time.

Disposition Volume History section of the Dispositions report

Disposition Totals

The Disposition Totals chart displays the total of each disposition code for the timeframe you specify.

Disposition Totals section of the Dispositions report

Candidates Disposition Report

In the Candidate Disposition Report section, you can export a full report as a CSV file.
The report includes:

  • Candidate Name

  • Position

  • Disqualification Date

  • Disqualified By

  • Reason

  • Previous stage

Candidate Disposition Report export option

💡 Tip!
These recruiting metrics are also available at the position level — you can access them in the Reports tab on each position.

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