A questionnaire is a set of custom questions you can present to candidates – either during the initial application process or at later stages. There’s no limit to the number of questionnaires you can create, or how many questions you include on each one.

Candidate Questionnaires are available to customers on all paid plans.
Admin permission is required to create and edit questionnaires.

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How to create a questionnaire

Question response types

Advanced Questionnaires
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Email Templates for questionnaires

How to create a questionnaire

You can manage questionnaires in your Recruiting Preferences.

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over Recruiting Preferences and click Questionnaires.

  3. Click + Questionnaire.

  4. Enter a name for your new questionnaire.

  5. Click + Section to create sections to help organize your questions.

  6. Click + Add Question under each section to create questions.

  7. Enter your question and a brief description, if you like.

  8. Select a response type and set additional options as needed.

Questionnaires in recruiting preferences

Question response types

You can choose from eight different response types for your questions.

Text responses are perfect for short-form answers. These should be used when you're expecting responses from one word to a couple of sentences.

Paragraph responses are perfect for long-form​ answers. In a paragraph response, candidates have no character limit and can enter multiple paragraphs.

Multiple Choice
With a multiple-choice response, the candidate will select the best answer out of the options​ you provide. You can automatically move candidates to a particular stage based on their response to this kind of question.
Find out how to screen candidates based on answers.

Dropdown List
Similar to multiple-choice, dropdown lists give your candidate a number of options to choose from. You can customize their options and the action associated with each option.

With checkboxes, candidates can respond to each option or category that applies. These are helpful for questions that could have multiple options.

Video Responses
A Breezy customer favorite, video responses connect you with your candidates more personally, early in the hiring process. You provide a prompt or question and the candidate responds with a brief video recording.
Learn more about video responses.

Reference Check
With reference checks, you can choose how many contacts to request from your candidate. If you opt to auto-verify the references, Breezy will automatically email the contacts with a set of questions for them to respond to.
Learn more about auto-verifying references.

File Attachment
A file attachment is ideal if you’d like candidates to submit specific documentation, such as work samples or credentials.

Advanced Questionnaires

Advanced Questionnaires let you create a questionnaire that reacts to people’s answers. Candidates never have to skip irrelevant questions with Advanced Questionnaires — they’ll never even see them.

Advanced Questionnaires are available to customers on Business and Pro plans.

Using advanced questionnaires is a great way to segment candidates while making the experience as easy as possible for them. The results? Higher completion rates, through a more personal, human experience for your respondents.

How Advanced Questionnaires work

Advanced Questionnaires use multiple sections, each with a question or list of questions. You can set your questionnaire to advance candidates to a different section based on their response to a dropdown or multiple-choice question

Here you can see three sections we've created. The first section asks a multiple-choice question. When the candidate responds to that question, they’ll jump to one of the other two sections, based on their answer.

Example questionnaire

Here you can see the first question the candidates are asked. Each response has a Go to Section option — that’s what determines what questions we'll follow up with if the candidate chooses that option.

Questionnaire options

The candidate experience

The candidate will see this:

Email templates for questionnaires

Questionnaires are sent to candidates via email. You can customize the message that goes along with the questionnaire. Just scroll to Questionnaire Email Template in the questionnaire’s settings and click Show template.

Review message template to send with a questionnaire

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