You can request references from applicants at any point in the screening process, whether as part of their initial application or later, in a different stage. Just use the Reference Check response type on a Questionnaire.

Candidate Questionnaires are available to customers on all paid plans. Admin permission is required to create and edit questionnaires.

How to request references

You can add a reference check to your questionnaire when you create it, or later in its settings.

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over Recruiting Preferences and click Questionnaires.

  3. Click the edit icon (pad and pen) next to the correct questionnaire.

  4. Click + Add Question.

  5. Enter your question and a brief description, if you like.

  6. Choose the Reference Check response type.

  7. Click the checkbox to require reference info, if you like.

  8. Enter the number of references to collect.

  9. Click the checkbox to enable Auto-verify, if you’d like Breezy to automatically email the references and collect their responses.

  10. If you enabled Auto-verify, click the checkbox to enable a Custom Reference Questionnaire if you’d like to include specific questions on your request.

  11. Click Save Changes.

Note: If you checked Auto-verify, you can opt to send a custom questionnaire to the references your candidate submits. You can include multiple, customized questions to help collect the information you need from the reference.

If you leave the auto-verify box unchecked, the reference info that candidates submit will be stored in Breezy, so you can contact references at your discretion.

Learn more about auto-verifying references.

💡 Tip: Request when you’re ready!

If you plan to request references later on in the process, create a new questionnaire just for that purpose. Enable auto-verify and a custom questionnaire if you’d like to collect more details about the reference. Then, send it with a stage action right when you need it!

Adding a reference request to a questionnaire

The candidate experience

When you include a reference request on a questionnaire, the candidate will see a simple form that asks for each reference’s name, email address, and relationship type.

Candidate's view of a reference request

How to view reference info

When a candidate submits reference info, or a reference responds to an automated reference check, we'll add the details to the References tab of the candidate's profile.

  1. Open the candidate’s profile.

  2. Click the More dropdown near the top-left corner of the screen.

  3. Click References to open the References tab.

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