If you’re switching from JazzHR to Breezy, our team can help migrate your data to streamline the process.

Migration of up to 10,000 candidates’ data is available for free to customers who switch from JazzHR to an annual Breezy plan. Contact our sales team if you need to migrate more data.

How to prepare JazzHR data

Just like moving from one house to another, it’s good to tidy up and clean out as much as possible before the move. That way, you can avoid taking along a bunch of unnecessary stuff (or in this case, stale candidates).

Start with some “spring cleaning” in JazzHR, like:

  • Closing positions that are no longer open

  • Removing stale candidates

  • Cleaning up any unwanted sources, tags, etc.

  • Completing any workflows, interviews, etc. that are in process

  • Validating candidate email addresses

How to migrate JazzHR data

In order to migrate your data from JazzHR to Breezy, you’ll need to request a full data export from Jazz. The availability of this option may depend on your plan and service level, and it could take a few weeks to complete. Contact your account or support representative at JazzHR to request an export.

  1. Activate your Breezy account.

  2. Request a full data export from JazzHR.

  3. Download your candidate, position, and resume files from JazzHR.

  4. Use a cloud sharing service (like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) to share the files with support@breezyhr.com. Be sure to grant full edit access.

  5. Email support@breezyhr.com to let our team know you’ve shared the data and are ready for import.

Our team will start reviewing your data within 2 business days of receiving it. After that, we can give you an accurate estimate of how long the migration will take (typically 7 to 10 business days).


How quickly can we start the migration process?
You can start the migration process as soon as you activate your Breezy account and have your data files from JazzHR. It takes about 2 business days for us to review the data and another 7-10 business days to complete the migration.

What data can we migrate over from Jazz?

  • Candidates with contact info

  • Candidate documents

  • Candidate resumes (parsed)

  • EEOC data

  • Jobs

  • Pipelines

  • Candidate source from Jazz (as tags in Breezy)

Can we import candidates and prospects from a spreadsheet?
Yes. If you don’t have a full data export from Jazz, you can use CSV and resume files to bulk import candidate records to Breezy.

Does it cost anything to migrate data from JazzHR to Breezy?
We offer free migration of data from JazzHR to an annual Breezy plan, up to 10,000 candidate records and resumes. If you have more than 10K candidates, contact our sales team for a quote on the cost to migrate your data.

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