Everyone on a position's hiring team has access to the Discussion tab of each candidate’s profile. It’s where you can add candidate notes or feedback and have a simple, transparent conversation with your team. Plus, get a snapshot of all the activity on the candidate’s profile.

How to add comments about a candidate

Any member of the hiring team can add to the conversation in a candidate’s profile.

  1. Open the candidate’s profile.

  2. Click the Discussion tab in the middle section of the window.

  3. Enter your comments or message in the text box near the bottom of the window. (Psst: You can include emoji and GIFs too!)

  4. Click Post.

Your message will appear at the bottom of the list of posts and events in the Discussion tab.

Note: Messages posted on the discussion tab are visible to the entire hiring team and Company Admins.

Adding a message to the discussion tab of a candidate's profile

How to use @mentions in the discussion tab

In addition to general comments, you can use @mentions to get a team member’s attention or give a shoutout. You can also use @team to ping the whole hiring team.

Just type “@” and choose a team member (or the whole team) from the list that appears. When you post your message, we’ll send an email notification with your note and a link to the candidate’s profile. If the recipient is using the Breezy mobile app, they'll also get a push notification on their device.

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