In Breezy, every candidate has a profile where you can keep track of all their contact and application info, plus your hiring team’s interactions and feedback.

The candidate profile is made up of three main sections:

The profile is created when a candidate applies to a position, or is added by a team member or external recruiter. The initial candidate details and experience are added automatically, depending on how the candidate was added and what info they provided. The profile will develop as you get to know a candidate and they interact with your hiring team.

Hiring team Members can view most of the info on a candidate’s profile, but only Hiring Managers can make changes and communicate directly with candidates.

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How to access a candidate’s profile

Candidate Details

Candidate Experience

Hiring Team Actions

Additional tools

How to access a candidate’s profile

You can open a candidate’s profile anywhere you see their name and profile picture (or candidate card) in Breezy. To find a candidate:

  • Search for their name with the search box in the left sidebar

  • Click the Candidates link in a position card on your dashboard (home screen)

  • Use the Candidates link in the left sidebar

  • Open a position or pool and click the Pipeline or Candidates tab.

Once you’ve found who you’re looking for, just click their name to open the profile view!

The default view of the profile is divided into 3 sections: Candidate Details, Candidate Experience, and Hiring Team Actions. If you prefer a single-pane view, you can toggle to a full-screen layout, with the options for each area of the profile listed in the left sidebar. Like this:

Toggling between single and multi-pane candidate provide views

Candidate Details

The Details section of the candidate profile is located on the right-hand side of the window. It provides a summary of the candidate’s basic info, including contact information, social media links, how the candidate was sourced or added, and their preferred salary range. You can also add tags here, to help organize your candidates.

Hiring Managers can update, add, and remove information in the Details section by clicking directly on the field they want to change.

Add details to a candidate's profile

Candidate Experience

The Experience section of the candidate profile is located on the left-hand side of the window. It’s where Breezy stores the candidate’s resume, plus details about their experience, education, and qualifications.

As you add info about your candidates, it will appear in the relevant tabs in the Experience section. The first four tabs are always visible — you can access the rest by clicking the More dropdown near the top of the window. The options you see may vary, depending on your hiring team role and the features included with your plan.

  • Experience: Information collected on your application form will be displayed here, like work history and education. Hiring Managers can also add details manually, or click the edit icon (pad and pen) next to an entry to make changes.

  • Resume: The candidate’s resume or CV from their application will be displayed here. You can also manually upload one using the Upload Resume button.

  • Documents: File attachments and other uploads are accessible here, like cover letters, work samples, or other documents you’ve requested from the candidate.

  • Questionnaires: The candidate’s responses to any questionnaires you’ve sent will be saved here. You can also send the candidate a questionnaire from this tab, using the Send Questionnaire button.

  • Team Scorecards: Hiring Managers can view all scorecard input from the hiring team in a single view. You can also ask the hiring team to complete scorecards with the Request Scorecards button.

  • Offers: Offers you’ve sent the candidate will be shown here, including signed offers the candidate has returned. You can also send an offer with the Send Offer button.

  • Assessments: If you’ve enabled an assessment integration and have sent an assessment to the candidate, you can find their results here. You can also send an assessment from this tab, using the Send Assessment button.

  • Background Checks: If you’ve enabled a background check integration and have run a check on the candidate, you can find the results here. You can also start a background check with the Run Background Check button.

  • References: Information gathered from reference requests will be shown here, like contact info provided by candidates or responses collected from references. You can also manually add references here, using the Add References button.

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Use keyboard shortcuts to manage candidates more efficiently.

Hiring Team Actions

The middle section of the candidate profile is where you and the rest of the hiring team really get involved. Team members can add feedback, schedule and follow up on interviews, and communicate with the candidate — or each other.

As you interact with the team and respond to messages, scorecards, and tasks, each tab in the section will be updated.

  • Discussion: The candidate’s activity history is shown, along with internal messages between hiring team members. All members of the hiring team can access the discussion tab, and you can use @ mentions to notify teammates and get them involved in the conversation.

  • Notes: This is where you can make notes about the candidate for your own reference. You can keep your notes private, or choose to share them with the Hiring Manager for the position.

  • Emails/SMS: You can send emails and text messages straight to the candidate from here, plus see the entire messaging history.

  • Meetings: Upcoming meetings are displayed, so you can see what interviews have been scheduled for the candidate. You can also schedule an interview from this tab using the Schedule Interview button.

  • Scorecards: The candidate’s scorecard is available here. Each member of the hiring team will see the feedback they’ve added — only the Hiring Manager will be able to see scorecards completed by other team members.

  • Tasks: A list of your open tasks associated with the candidate is shown here. As tasks are completed, they’re removed from the list.

Additional tools

In addition to the details and options you’ll find in each area of the candidate profile, you can find tools and shortcuts in the profile header, along the top of the window.

  • Candidate score: Once the candidate has received feedback on scorecards, the average of the hiring team's Overall Ratings is shown with their name and profile picture.

  • Follow: Click the icon to get notifications about activity on the candidate’s profile.

  • Star: Click the star to find the candidate faster, in your left sidebar and filtering options.

  • More menu (three dots): Find shortcuts to manage and screen the candidate.

  • Assign: Assign the candidate to a specific Hiring Manager.

  • Schedule Meeting: Schedule an interview with the candidate, and include interview guides and video options.

  • Change Stage: Move the candidate to a different stage in the position pipeline.

  • Disqualify: Move the candidate to the disqualified stage of the position pipeline.

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