When you connect your Outlook Calendar in Breezy you can share it with your team to help streamline scheduling.

That way, anyone involved in scheduling interviews will have a better view of your overall availability — not just what’s been scheduled in Breezy.

How calendar sharing works

Sharing your Outlook calendar happens on the Microsoft side of things. When you share your calendar with co-workers (and then connect it in Breezy) they’ll automatically see your availability when scheduling interviews.

Learn how to share an Outlook Calendar.

You can share the default calendar for your Outlook account, or create a specific calendar you’d like to share with the team for scheduling interviews.

Learn how to create a new Outlook Calendar.

When you share a calendar, you can decide what info others can see on your events and whether they can add or edit events. Your settings will apply in Breezy the same way they do in Outlook.

Learn more about Outlook Calendar sharing permissions.

💡 Tip: Connect with candidates!

Connecting your calendar helps more than just your teammates. When you integrate your Google Calendar with Breezy, your availability is also reflected on scheduling links. Make self-scheduling even easier!

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