With scheduling links, you can define your team’s availability and create interview time slots for candidates. Then, share a unique scheduling link via email or text and let the candidate pick the best time for them.

You can send scheduling links manually, or have them sent automatically with Stage Actions.

Candidate self-scheduling is available on all paid plans.

Hiring Manager access is required to schedule interviews.

In this article:

How to create scheduling links
- System-wide scheduling links

- Personal scheduling links

How to use scheduling links

The candidate experience

How to create scheduling links

You can create system-wide scheduling links that are available to all positions and Hiring Managers, or personal scheduling links you can save and re-use on your own.

System-wide scheduling links

Admin access is required to create system-wide scheduling links.

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over Recruiting Preferences and click Scheduling Links.

  3. Click + Scheduling Link.

  4. Enter a name for the link and add interview, availability, and expiration details.

  5. Click + Scheduling Link.

Create a scheduling link

Personal scheduling links

You can create personal scheduling links any time you're composing an email or SMS/text message.

To create a personal scheduling link:

  1. Locate the candidate with a search or from a position or pool.

  2. Open the candidate’s profile.

  3. Click Email/SMS near the top of the window.

  4. Click Compose Email or SMS.

  5. Customize your message as needed.

  6. Click + Insert and select Scheduling Link.

  7. Click + Single-Use Scheduling Link.

  8. Enter interview, availability, and expiration details.

  9. To save your link as a template, click Save as Template.

  10. Click + Scheduling Link.

  11. Complete your message and click Send Email or Send SMS.

How to use scheduling links

Once you've created some scheduling links, you can use them in a couple of ways.

Message Templates

You can add scheduling links to Message Templates and then use them in any place a Message Template is supported. That means you can also automate scheduling interviews with Stage Actions!

Email & SMS

You can use scheduling links in both email and text messages. Just click the + Insert dropdown when you’re composing a message and select Scheduling Links. Choose a saved link or create a single-use link and it will be added to your message.

Add a scheduling link to an email message

The candidate experience

When the candidate receives your email or text message, they’ll just need to click on your scheduling link to choose a time for their interview. They’ll see a simple selection system that accounts for all of the criteria and calendar information used to create the link.

Once their selection is confirmed, the candidate and the interviewers will receive a calendar invite. The candidate gets all of the information on how when and where the meeting is taking place, and the interviewers get an overview of the candidate plus any other information you've included as part of the meeting, such as an Interview Guide, Scorecard, etc.

Interview time selection

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