Crafting the perfect job description can be a tough gig. But beyond providing plenty of information that entices would-be candidates to apply, you'll need to include specific details about your company, boost clarity within the job description, and meet a number of easy, but important, requirements to make your job post a success.

Before we can promote your positions, we'll need to verify some account details and make sure every job post meets the following list of requirements.

Wait, why do I have to meet these requirements?

As your job posting partner, we need to make sure that we're only posting legitimate jobs for anyone who may encounter them. Beyond the ethics, the job boards require these details from us. 😉

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Job Requirements

Location Requirements

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Company Requirements

  • You must list your full company name and avoid abbreviations of any kind

  • We need to be able to identify your company through public details, or similar. If we can't, we may ask for additional, verifying documentation.

  • You'll need to have a company website that matches the company name you provided when you created your Breezy account.

Job Requirements

  • The title of the position should include a standard description of the position that is easily identifiable for future candidates. For example, "ISO Developer" instead of "Coding Genius."

  • The title should only include one position in Breezy. If you’re hiring for multiple openings for​ the same position, you should still title it as the singular version of the position. For example, “Teachers” or “Mechanics” should be “Teacher” and “Mechanic.”

  • AVOID USING CAPITAL LETTERS or exaggerated punctuation. Leave out any additional information that looks spammy, like "We are Hiring ASAP!!!"

Location Requirements

  • City, State, and Country are all required fields when promoting a position. If the job posting is for remote work, check the Remote/Telecommute box and include the head office as the job’s location. Your job is more likely to be posted if you provide a location since job boards will know where to post it.

  • If you want to post a job in two or more locations, just clone the position and create a posting for each location. Job boards will decline your posting if you provide two locations in a single post.

Description Requirements

  • In your job description, include specific details for candidates, such as the duties and requirements of the position at your company. Bonus desirability points for adding ​benefits and perks.

  • Aim for at least 700 characters overall.

  • Avoid providing alternative ways for a candidate to apply (like an email address, phone number, or website link). Those will be declined.

  • Avoid terminology that could be viewed as discriminatory. This includes:

    • Any age references, like “college students welcome”

    • Gendered pronouns (“she” or “he”)

    • Nationality ("We love Canadians! 🇨🇦")

  • Your description should be easy to read! Help candidates skim the ad with easy formatting changes like headers, bold text, and bulleted lists. Limit the use of links and images, since most job boards won't support them.

    • We don't recommend copying and pasting your descriptions from a program like Word, which can cause some formatting issues for job boards.

    • Need to jumpstart your job description? You can pre-fill a description from our searchable job description library:

Creating a new position with a job description template

Additional Requirements

  • If you repost or refresh your jobs often, job boards will notice and may not continue to accept your posts.

  • For the positions you plan to keep in your Career Portal for an extended amount of time, use paid promotions to boost visibility.

  • If you post your position directly to the job board first and then try to promote through Breezy, there's a chance it will be considered a duplicate and the job board may not accept the position at all.


My position post was perfect according to all of these rules. Why can't it be posted?
We've tried to cover the major reasons most job boards refuse to post certain positions, but the guidelines above are not a comprehensive list. We'll always do our best to make sure your position gets as much exposure as possible, in all the right places. We'll let you know where we think you can make improvements.

How long does it take for jobs to be posted?
After you activate your position, it will go through our review process (where we make sure you've got the best chance of great exposure). Then, we send it straight to your indicated job boards—usually within one business day.

Why don't I see my activated position on a job board yet?
The time it takes for your position to be posted on individual job boards may vary, but is usually within 24 hours. If you don’t see your job posted within 24 hours of approval and you haven’t received a notification from Breezy, it may not meet the job board’s criteria.

Email us at if you need a hand locating your listing or double-checking the job board’s requirements.

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