You can email individual candidates from their profile, and can email a batch of candidates from the Candidates tab of any position. By default, Breezy will mask your email address so recipients won’t see your direct address.

Hiring Manager access (or a custom role with the appropriate permissions) is required to view conversations and engage with candidates. Contact your admin if you need access.

To view the entire thread of conversations with a candidate, look for the Email/SMS tab in their profile. You can view all conversations the candidate has had with your team, plus any scheduled interviews, in the conversation thread. Quick access helps you stay up to date with conversations, tone, and details so nothing is ever 'lost in translation' between the hiring team and the candidate.

Email thread in a candidate's profile

How to email a single candidate

To email an individual candidate:

  1. Locate the candidate with a search or from a position or pool.

  2. Open the candidate’s profile.

  3. Click Email/SMS near the top of the window.

  4. Click Compose Email.

  5. Add your message and any additional recipients or attachments.

  6. Click Send Email.

Once your message has been sent, you'll see it in the conversation history, from newest to oldest.

Note: Scheduled messages will be sent according to the sender’s time zone.

Sending an email to a candidate

How to email a batch of candidates

To send the same email to multiple candidates:

  1. Click Positions/Pools in the left sidebar.

  2. Open the correct position.

  3. Click Candidates near the top of the window.

  4. Apply any filters or segments you need.

  5. Click the checkbox next to each candidate you’d like to send an email to.

  6. Click Candidate Email near the top of the window.

  7. Add a subject line, your message, and any attachments.

  8. Click Send Email.

Candidates won’t see that they’ve been bulk emailed, so they won’t see other recipients’ email addresses on your message.

Note: Scheduled messages will be sent according to the sender’s time zone.

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You can also send individual and batch text messages. Find out how to send SMS messages.

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