Scorecards give your team a structured set of criteria to evaluate candidates with. It’s a great way to get consistent feedback from your hiring team that's tailored to a specific position.

Customizable Scorecards are available to customers on Growth, Business, and Pro plans.
Admin permission is required to create and edit Scorecards.

Scorecards are created in Recruiting Preferences, then can be assigned to specific positions in Position Settings.

How scorecards work

When a scorecard is associated with a position, everyone on the hiring team for that position will see the custom criteria on the Scorecard tab of a candidate’s profile. They can add and review their own feedback at any time.

Hiring Managers will also see the Team Scorecards option in the Experience section of the Candidate Profile. There, they can see all the feedback submitted by the hiring team.

After hiring team members score a candidate, Breezy will calculate the average of the team’s Overall Ratings and show it near their profile photo. The score will follow the candidate throughout Breezy and can be used to compare candidates objectively.

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