An Employee Portal gives you a place where current employees can refer candidates for open positions, or even apply to internal positions themselves. When you enable your employee portal, you can get your whole company involved in the recruiting process.

The Employee Portal is available to customers on Growth, Business, and Pro plans.

Admin access is required to manage the employee portal.

The employee portal is a simplified version of the career portal. Employees can access it with a direct link, or from your company’s career portal. You can also restrict access to the employee portal by email domain, in case you only want your employees to have access.

How to enable the employee portal

Company admins can access employee portal settings in their Recruiting Preferences.

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over Recruiting Preferences and click Employee Portal Settings.

  3. Click General in the left sidebar to:

    • Enable the portal

    • Get a link to the portal page

    • Enable employee referral links

    • Restrict access to certain email domains

  4. Click Referral Form in the left sidebar to customize the form employees use to submit referrals.

  5. Click Appearance in the left sidebar to customize the appearance of your portal page.
    Note: The employee portal appearance settings are shared with your career portal. Changes here will be reflected on the career portal and vice versa.

  6. Click Messaging in the left sidebar to add a title and description for the portal page.

  7. Click Save Changes.

Employee portal settings

How to use the employee portal

Employees can access the employee portal from your company’s career portal, or with a direct link to the URL (found in the employee portal settings). They’ll need to enter their email address and will get a sign-in link via email.

Once they’re in, they can apply to internal-only positions, add referrals for other openings, and get custom referral links they can send to external candidates.

To use the employee portal:

  1. Access the portal from a direct link or the Employees link at the top of your public career portal.

  2. Enter your email address to request a sign-in link.

  3. Check your email and use the magic link to access the employee portal.

  4. Click or scroll to view job openings.

  5. Click Apply to apply for internal-only positions.

  6. Click Add Referral to enter details for the candidate you’re referring for the job.

  7. Click the share icon (three connected dots) to get a sharable referral link.

Learn more about employee referrals.

Employee portal job openings

Employee referral links

With referral links enabled, employees can share a custom link for their friends and colleagues to apply with. When someone applies with their link, the employee will be credited with that referral.

Employee referrers are shown on the Details section of the candidate’s profile, and in the Referred Candidates report.

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