Automating messages with stage actions is one of Breezy's #1 timesavers. But making those messages authentic can be challenging. No matter how well the message is personalized, it would be hard for any candidate to believe that you're ready to schedule an interview the very moment they complete a questionnaire.

Breezy's Delayed Messaging to the rescue!

With delayed messages, you can customize a buffer of time between when a candidate enters a stage and the time a corresponding message is sent. Plus, set messages to be sent during business hours, to really show candidates you’re paying attention!

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By default, any automated messages sent at a Disqualified stage are delayed by 24 hours.

How to delay messages sent with stage actions

You can set a delay on sending messages anywhere you edit stage actions. Admin or Hiring Manager permissions are required.

You can choose from the following default timeframes:

  • 1 hour

  • 4 hours

  • 1 day

  • 2 days

  • 3 days

  • 1 week

  • 2 weeks

  • 1 month

  • 6 months

To delay an automated message from the pipeline view:

  1. Click Positions/Pools in the left sidebar.

  2. Open the correct position.

  3. Click the settings menu (three dots) for the stage where you want to send the message.

  4. Click Edit Stage Actions in the dropdown.

  5. Click the dropdown for Available Stage Actions and select Send Email / SMS.

  6. Click + Add.

  7. Choose a message template from the Select a Template dropdown.

  8. Choose a timeframe from the Delay dropdown.

  9. Check Avoid Nights and Weekends to ensure your message is sent between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

  10. Select sender options, if you like.

  11. Click Save Changes.

When the stage action is triggered (the first time a candidate enters the stage), the message template will be sent after the delay period you chose.

Note: With Avoid Nights and Weekends checked, messages will be sent according to the time zone associated with the location set in your company settings.

If a company location has not been set:

  • Messages will be sent according to the user’s time zone when the stage action is triggered by a manual move.

  • Messages will be sent according to GMT/UTC when the stage action is triggered by an automation, such as a questionnaire response.

Delaying a message sent with a stage action

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